Canyon Electric is your one-call solution for your residential electrical needs. We are specialists in all areas of residential electricity. Our electricians are all certified and have the experience and resources to make the correct and safe decision for your home, and more importantly, for your family.

  • Electrical problems? We have 24/7 Electrical Emergency help. Call us at 702-384-4747 and we’ll get someone out to your home to solve the problem.
  • Home remodels- We can help you with the plans as well as the install- we’ll help you from start to finish for anything to do with electricity in your home.
  • Installations- At Canyon Electric we can install and remove fans, install child proof outlets, motion sensors/detectors, and much much more.
  • Lighting- Adding new lighting into your home? We can help you with lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, and everywhere else… including landscape and pool lighting! When doing lighting installations, we’ll always give you the different options of energy efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency- Stop wasting money! We can do an energy efficiency assessment on your home to determine how much you could be saving when installing the latest energy efficient systems. If you like our ideas, we have the resources to take your home through the whole energy saving transformation!

Do you need upgrades to your current electrical system?

Call Canyon Electric today at 702-384-4747 and we’ll give you an estimate on any of the work you need done! You can also fill out our contact form.

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